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Registration details

How to quickly and effectively use the online reservation system. Further Details

Registration details

How to quickly and effectively use the online reservation system. Further Details

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In order to make life easier, the association has set up a boutique online, which allows you to see the dates and rates available, and also provides you the ability to reserve your spot with no delays.


In order to pick your holidays, please consult the Themes and Destinations section. Underneath the presentation of each holiday, there is a link “Dates, Rates and Register”. By clicking on the link, it will bring you directly to the reservation system for that particular holiday.

  1. You can add all the sessions of your choice to the same shopping basket, as well as for multiple children and for various Scientific Holiday Centres (at this stage, it is not required to provide the name and surname for your children),
  2. You can add to the same basket, the transportation, if it is already planned. If not, you may return to the transportation page at a later time in order to reserve spots for your children by creating a new order.
  3. If you wish to add the cancellation insurance for your stay, you may also wish to add the cancellation insurance for every participant,
  4. Once the confirmation of your order is received, the spots are reserved for your children’s holidays as well as the eventual transportations that will be taken,
  5. 2 methods of payments are proposed:
    1. By bank transfer (Total amount)
    2. By cheque: In 1, 2, or 3 instalments, depending on your preference. In the case of multiple payments, the first cheque must be a third of the total cost of your order, which we will process as soon as the mail is received. The others that you will prepare, in the amounts of your choice, must include the date to which they must be processed at the back of the cheque. The last cheque must be dated, at the latest, 20 days before the holiday occurs. These dates of processing will be respected by our administrative staff, and if changes are required for any reason, please contact us by email or telephone before modifying any processing dates.

      If you are using CAF holiday vouchers, vacation cheques… you must choose cheque as method of payment and include the vouchers in the same envelope that will be mailed to us, accompanied with the balance of the cheque(s) as indicated above.

  6. Once you have proceeded with your order, you will receive an email confirmation accompanied with a form that must be completed at home in order to provide us with your children information, this will ensure that we are preparing the holiday to its fullest potential. (It is in this document that you will indicate in each holiday chosen, the surname and given names of your children, their favourite activities, your postal code, your telephone number...) .
  7. If you have any questions prior to proceeding with the reservation of your holidays, please contact us with these details.

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