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Using propellers or wheels, come and fly your drone; discover the electricity and Lifters world! Further Details


Using propellers or wheels, come and fly your drone; discover the electricity and Lifters world! Further Details

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Come, discover the drone planet with nature as a playing ground. Conceive and design your own lifter; take part in the innovative research on this new mode of propulsion.

The stay

Trip: Tools for the future!

Do you already have a drone or do you aspire to have one? This trip is meant just for you. We will teach you how to use your drone safely. If you do not have one yet, you will fly OSI drones and we will advise you on choice of your future drone. Under the counsel of drone experts, you will, first of all, learn the basics of controlling small machines. After this, you will get to the stage of piloting huge ones. By so doing, you will be able to test your reflexes in the heart of nature, and begin your animal observations.

Thus, with a drone in a rucksack, we can embark on an adventure for one or more days in a bivouac under the stars. You can then remove your drone and go on the search for animals around the park.

But that is not all. We give you the opportunity to become a true science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. researcher and to gain novel and exciting experiences on electric propulsion. You will have to test a maximum number of form, height and equipment combinations in order to provide information indispensable for understanding the “lifters” phenomenon and why not build your own prototype!

Also, all through this adventure you can take part in many exciting games and entertaining evenings spent around the campfire, for example, which will enable you to make new friends.

Research Project

Be it in the air, land, sea or underwater, drones are everywhere. Parrot or other Hubsan are becoming more frequent. We invite you to discover this world; become part of it and reshape it. You will join a team in charge of testing their skills concerning animal tracking.
But not only that.

Your mission will be to become a real NASA engineer. Under the guise of true researchers, you will have to bring considerable experience on lifters in order to seek ways to improve the drone propulsion systems. Maybe you will be the one to ensure the success of this research and provide the world with a new mode of propulsion! The end of the trip does not mean your adventure on “future tools” ends, far from that!!!

On the last day, you will have to present your results to your parents, researchers of the Mauricie park and all those who will stop by your stand. Participants of the next trip can also draw lessons from your adventure to improve your knowledge on drones, in a bid to make these machines very effective so that you can go and observe big animals during OSI Expeditions. Thus, you can follow up these exploits on the internet and say to yourself,
“I took part in it”!!!


A Lifter is an symmetric condenser which uses high voltage ( > 20kv ) to release pressure.
_The lifter works without a moving part, flies silently, only uses electrical energy, and is capable of lifting itself plus an additional heavy load.

The Lifter uses the ’’Biefeld-Brown Effect discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown in 1928:
“When two electrodes of appropriate forms are joined, immersed in a dielectric area and charged with opposite signs at the right degree, pressure is produced which tends to shake the electrode pair in that area.”
So, the Biefeld-Brown Effect transforms a difference of electric potentials in kinetic energy, resulting to its electrokinetic effect character.

Daily life on the spot

At your arrival, you will be immersed in the drone world with a presentation of previous OSI machines. Then, you will have to form a team and choose your project.

During the first week, you still start learning piloting with the help of drone experts and more aged participants. You will have all the equipment and tools needed at your disposal. During the second week, you can create your own animal research project and take it to the field!!!!

All through these two weeks, you will have to put on your researcher overall and take part in entertaining and exciting events]] concerning “Lifters”. You will also find out how to fly this or that type, or make foodstuffs transportable. Note that it will not be rosy all the time; but that is the beauty of the game. Data collected by all teams will be put together in a bid to build the best machine possible.

The end of the trip will be set apart for retransmissions. Using flyers/posters, pictures or videos, you will present your project to others by identifying problems and proposing solutions found.

Finally, all through the trip, you will undergo a complete piloting training of flying and moving drones. If you are a beginner, you can try piloting with a simulator or small machines.

If you already practice piloting, you will immediately start controlling more complicated machines. You can also take part in small tests organised in the form of games, for example, precision landing or agility course competitions.

Why go camping in the middle of the Canadian boreal forest? Well, the site will enable you to easily switch from scientific to open-air activities.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy water freshness during swimming sessions for the trip is not just about studying aeronautics and physics; one also needs to enjoy nature that surrounds them! As a matter of fact, even the most successful scientists need relaxation!! So, days will be punctuated with both scientific and extra-scientific activities such as big games, evening gatherings, cultural and artistic activities in the footsteps of Ameridians and of course, sporting activities!
In the evening, for example, enjoy a story told around the campfire while eating mallows or a session of observing the stars, etc.

Premiers essais de suivi animal par Drone en Afrique
Premiers essais de suivi animal par Drone en Afrique

First drone animal tracking trials in Africa


At two steps from the Mauritius National Park, at the heart of nature, you will be housed at the camping Lac Vert. Located at 45 minutes from Trois-Rivière, in the village of Saint-Mathieu-du-parc, camping Lac Vert is surrounded by wooded hills.
Camping Lac Vert welcomes, each year, hundreds of youths who come to gain unforgettable experience. In all seasons, these facilities ease the hosting of groups, families and associations desiring a quiet environment.

You will find yourself in an enchanting milieu where you can enjoy the camp of your dreams anytime. Being in a warm chalet, you will make the most of a big living room having a parlour at a corner, and a kitchen-dining room. After a good night spent at the dormitory, during the day, in addition to scientific activities, you can enjoy cafetaria services and other activities (swimming, boating, archery, climbing, etc.) offered by the Camping Lac Vert.


Dr. Federico Rosei, PhD, Professor and Director of INRS Energy, Materials and Telecommunications,
holds UNESCO chair in Materials and Technologies for Saving, Storage and Energy Conversion

_"The world today needs more science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. and more scientists.
A science camp is an excellent activity to nourish the curiosity of
youths towards nature and science and encourage them to further
their scientific studies. If I were a younger, I will go there myself!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a good knowledge of piloting, robotics or a mastery of computer science necessary for one to be part of this trip?

Even though this camp is geared towards this kind of profile, participants are all integrated into a team and each individual does their bit. So, there is no need to be a master in electronics or computer science to participate in, or fully enjoy this kind of trip. It suffices to have the interest and will to learn when you meet people to catch fun.

Concerning piloting notions, they are welcomed. Nevertheless, we are available to make you discover the activity. As such, mini-drones and simulators will be provided for beginners. This will enable them to make progress very fast and acquire enough knowledge in order to reach their objectives.

  • Are there any particular dangers]] participants may face?
  • OSI relies on the INTERDRONES SERVICES company for the organisation and supervision of DRONE CONNECTIONS trips. Having existed for more than two years, the company also provides effective supervision through qualified pilots practising this profession.

We also ensure security, (indispensable), through the use of specific equipment Thus, we can use simulators for beginnings without any risk. We also use safety nets as well as dual controls to ensure maximum security.

In the same line, experience offered on electricity is strictly supervised by researchers or their assistants who have a good mastery of the subject. So, there is no particular risk to fear concerning the safety of participants.

  • Is the direct observation of big animals guaranteed during this trip?

Naturally, capturing this type of image is rather scarce but, all things are possible!

However, the observation of habitats and their evolution is always possible and generate many important indicators concerning the health of one specie or the other. Besides, this type of information is very much valued by naturalists who can predict changes and their impact on the specie tracked.

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Equipment Used


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