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Jurassic Base Camp

Do you think being a paleontologist is a dream job ? Come and confirm it on an expedition tracking the footsteps of large marine reptiles in England ! Discoveries guaranteed... Further Details

Jurassic Base Camp

Do you think being a paleontologist is a dream job ? Come and confirm it on an expedition tracking the footsteps of large marine reptiles in England ! Discoveries guaranteed... Further Details

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This scientific expedition will take place in the south of England, in Dorset. The extremely fossil-rich sites will bring immense joy to the participants !
You will be immersed in the heart of one of Europe’s most fossil-rich regions for large dinosaurs ! So, join us in the upcoming session to attempt to discover the extraordinary biodiversity that inhabited the English shores during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods !

The stay

This nature-filled expedition combines on-field and on-camp laboratory activities to create a true immersive vacation ! The curious will be delighted, the shy will find equally passionate friends, and specialists can use their knowledge to solve real scientific mysteries.

Lasting either one week or fifteen days, in both cases, the program is tailored to the wildest desires and is suitable for youths aged 13 and above ! Families with children aged 7 and above can also join, while the solo adventure is available for those aged 13 and above.

For both girls and boys, come discover the joys of the Expedition !

The stay includes indoor activities in museums with scientific educators and their custodians, as well as outdoor excursions to fossil sites, mostly located along the coasts of the Dorset region. Always with the same team of educators specialized in the field, this expedition will allow everyone to step into the shoes of the paleontologist they dream of becoming.


The research project

The initial research project began in 2014 in the Swiss Alps in partnership with the Department of Paleontology at the Museum of Natural History in Geneva. Since then, annual expeditions through the « On the Trail of Archosaurs, Ancestors of Dinosaurs » program have been conducted at high-altitude excavation sites. These expeditions require good physical condition and are open to teenagers over 12 years old, just like the expedition in England. However, participants must be willing to push their physical and mental limits.

This level 3 expedition, « Jurassic Base Camp, » in England, was created to cater to all paleontology enthusiasts who may not wish to climb the Swiss mountains.

It is integrated into the research program and allows parallel testing to provide technical support. Our field trips will lead to numerous discoveries and optimize new techniques for working on the Swiss project (photogrammetry, drones, excavation techniques, mapping, identification, etc.).

This region, globally renowned for its fossil discoveries from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods, offers a total immersion into the era of marine reptiles and dinosaurs.

The excavation sites, mainly located on the south coast of England, boast stunning coastal landscapes.

We have organized two 7-day expeditions : one for families/adults and one for teenagers/adults.

You will deepen your knowledge and techniques (excavation, identification, cleaning techniques, etc.). Considered a true paleontological researcher, eager for exploration and discovery, you will also contribute to interpreting and writing the results.

In addition to the results, you will participate in writing the expedition journal based on your field notes. This will allow your friends and family to follow the project’s progress and your scientific growth.

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Concepts Learned during the Camp

Paleontology, Biodiversity, Environment, Geology, Geological Time Scale, Cartography, Fossilization and Fossils, Life and Earth Sciences, Ecology Applied to Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, and Preservation of Natural Interest Sites, Paleogeography, Geography, Climatology, Movements of the Earth’s Crust and Formation of Landforms, Lifestyle and Evolution of Large Dinosaurs, Archosaurs, Fish, Turtles, and even Mammals from the Secondary Era.

Equipment Used

Geological maps, Satellite map data, GPS, Binoculars, Compass, Digital camera, Computer, Binocular loupe, Geologist’s hammer, Microscope, Measurement tools, Field sketch sheet, Knives, Hammer, Brush, and other necessary equipment.

The location

Located a 3-hour journey from London, the coastal towns of Charmouth and Lyme Regis are iconic for paleontologists. The beaches are must-visit stops for all dinosaur researchers. We will orbit around this sunny region, sometimes along the coastline and at other times further inland.

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Day to day proceedings

During this expedition, you will have the opportunity to :

- Learn the excavation techniques of a seasoned Paleontology researcher and embark on the search for fossils from the dinosaur era !
- Organize your discoveries and sketch your favorite dinosaurs.
- Get hands-on experience in fossil cleaning and identification in the laboratory.
- Visit the museums of Mary Anning in Lyme Regis, the Dinosaur Center in Charmouth, and the Natural History Museum in London if time allows.
- Learn field navigation and recognize layers from different fossiliferous eras.
- Head out into the field to encounter animals that coexisted with dinosaurs !
- Explore the world of fossils from the time of the dinosaurs.

Each participant will be actively involved in the research program and contribute to the daily activities of the camp. Managing daily life will also be part of the experience. You will share responsibilities, and all the tasks that make up the daily routine of explorers will be yours : preparing breakfast, cooking meals, distributing equipment to carry, and more.

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The team

The team will consist of several individuals, and the role of the supervisors from Objectif Sciences International will be twofold : ensuring the smooth progress of the expedition and facilitating your acquisition of knowledge through the Pedagogical and Experimental approach of the project. These individuals are experienced in paleontology and specialize in geology or both. They also possess expertise in Project Pedagogy and group responsibility.

Attached, you will find the list of educators from the PALEOZOÏC team. Not all of them will be present, but you will get an overview of the facilitators who lead our paleontology expeditions.

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Depending on whether you join the family or teen expedition, your accommodation will vary.

For families, you’ll stay in a bungalow or safari tent. For teens, it’s camping all the way throughout the expedition.

The entire team will set up the base camp upon our arrival, and we’ll take turns preparing meals together. The living area is strategically located between numerous excavation sites, ensuring quick and direct access. Our laboratory tent, equipped with all the necessary materials for identification, will be set up at this site.

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Take with you


- 1 Passport for each participant
- Copy of repatriation insurance
- Photocopy of important documents (passport, plane tickets, ...)
- Electronic round-trip tickets
- Authorization for minors to leave French territory (AST) : [Link](
- Prescriptions for any necessary medication during the stay


Personal camping equipment labeled with the person’s name to be placed in a backpack :
1 good sleeping bag (Mountain - comfort +5°C)
Sturdy hiking boots (high-top with solid soles - for trekking or walking)
1 pair of sandals or flip-flops
1 pair of athletic shoes (spare)
Small backpack (20-30L) for daily essentials
Knife + fork + spoon
1 water bottle (minimum 1 liter)
1 mess kit (plate-bowl) preferably metal
1 glass (unless your water bottle suffices)
1 pair of sunglasses
2 plastic bags (for dirty or wet items)
10 pairs of socks
10 underwear
1 towel (e.g., quick-drying fleece)
8 T-shirts (including 3 or 4 long-sleeved)
1 pajama
2 lightweight sweaters or a warm vest or fleece jacket


1 waterproof windbreaker (Kway-style) with a hood
1 waterproof pants

2 lightweight cotton pants for hiking
2 shorts
1 cap that fits securely on the head

Toiletry bag :
Hairbrush or comb
Sunscreen SPF 50
Natural soap
Shampoo (eco-friendly)

Personal small first aid kit :
Ongoing medical treatment


Personal equipment :
1 pencil case with pens and colored pencils, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scissors, small ruler
1 sturdy notebook that will be your EXPEDITION NOTEBOOK.
And if you have (optional) :
1 digital camera + memory card + battery with charger
USB flash drive (storage)

You can download the checklist, fill it out, and include it with your child’s belongings :

You can also contact us if you have any equipment you would like to donate to the association, so that we can coordinate the logistics of the donation together :

- Costumes in good condition
- Scientific equipment (microscopes, oscilloscopes...) in working order
- Scientific and technical consumables (electronic components, reagents...) that are usable
- Computers capable of supporting at least Windows 8, Linux, or Mac
- Useful equipment (projectors, binoculars, music players and speakers, etc.)
- Incredible but true equipment (working remote-controlled plane, telescope, kit greenhouse, etc.)
- Any other ideas you may have, and which you can inform us of in advance to validate its feasibility or interest - in this case, get in touch with the contact person you are already in touch with

We are also looking for donations in the form of vehicles, buildings, testamentary endowments, land... If you have a project or a desire to help us in our mission, please contact us !

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