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YellowstoneLevels 2-4

An English language course, specializing in scientific journalism, awaits you at the fabulous Yellowstone Park. Brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime as you accompany a team of geologists, biologists and journalists as they travel through one of the most majestic sites that nature has to offer. Excitement and thrills guaranteed! Further Details Levels 2-4

YellowstoneLevels 2-4

An English language course, specializing in scientific journalism, awaits you at the fabulous Yellowstone Park. Brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime as you accompany a team of geologists, biologists and journalists as they travel through one of the most majestic sites that nature has to offer. Excitement and thrills guaranteed! Further Details Levels 2-4

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If you can’t decide whether you want to go on an adventure, a scientific excursion or a language course, this trip offers all three! You will have the chance to spend two weeks in the heart of one of the most fabulous natural parks on the planet, where you will take part in a project on scientific journalism that will look into issues related to volcanoes, water, rocks, biodiversity, energy and the future of the planet.

The stay

La source d’eau chaude du Grand Prismatic et ses fameuses cyanobactéries thermophiles
Source : NPS

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: to go out in the field and create a science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. documentary about volcanoes, hot water (hydrothermal circulation) and geothermal energy.

Nos Partenaires

The research project

The scientific approach will require the campers to ask questions, to observe natural phenomena and then measure and interpret their observations. The instructors, some of whom are geologists, biologists and scientific journalists, will be on hand to explain the remarkable ways in which nature works or to simply accompany the teams as they carry out their investigations. The day-to-day group work and speaking time will allow the campers to hone their abilities to write up and relay their discoveries and observations, capture videos, and even interview scientists, rangers and tourists. You will find your own way of getting your message across and learn how to use audiovisual materials like a professional.

This trip is part of a program launched by the Objectif Sciences International organization to develop the skills of those who wish to work in the fields of science and communications in the future. The documentary will be shown by our partner, the Fondation International des Films sur l’Énergie à Lausanne (FIFEL), as well as at the Geneva Forum at the UN in Switzerland. Campers and their families will be invited to the screenings. If they so wish, campers are invited to submit their results to the UN in December as part of the Excellence Camps (

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Concepts Learned during the Camp

Volcanology - Magmatology - Petrography (study of rocks) - Mineralogy - Geothermal energy - Water cycle - Fluid dynamics - Chemical composition - Erosion - Renewable energy - Conservation of energy - Biology - Biodiversity - Ecosystems - Preservation

Equipment Used

Topographic map - Geologic maps - Scientific computing software - Geologist’s hammer - Laboratory material - Computers - Measuring instruments - Digital photography - Digital video - Video projector - Dictaphone

The location

Yellowstone National Park:


Yellowstone National Park is situated in Wyoming, USA, and is the oldest national park. It is protected under an 1872 act which guarantees “the preservation, from injury and spoliation, of all timber, mineral deposits, natural curiosities, or wonders within said park, and their retention in their natural condition.” As a result, Yellowstone is a large-scale ecosystem that has remained relatively intact in the North Temperate Zone.

Remarkable geological processes and phenomena occur in Yellowstone. Its subsoil houses a supervolcano that is a time bomb of unimaginable magnitude. The material spewed forth from its last major eruption 620,000 years ago covered and probably destroyed more than half of what is now the modern-day United States of America. Today, the site has the highest concentration of geysers in the world with 10,000 thermal features, which account for more than half of the shallow geothermal activity in the whole world. Hot springs, bubbling mud pots and fumaroles await us as we seek out answers to where these processes came from and what effect they have on ecosystems.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River will give us an insight into the geological history of the region and perhaps even reveal the origin of its distinctive yellow color.

We will be encounter numerous waterfalls, a natural forest and enormous herds of animals as we make our way along our expedition.

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Day to day proceedings


The journey through the park will take place at a leisurely pace that will be divided into a number of short stages. There will be one instructor for every 5 campers. The groups will travel between sites either on foot or by car. The collective transportation vehicle will be used to store all necessary equipment (tents, camping material, cooking utensils and scientific equipment), the personal effects of each camper (clothes, sleeping bad, cameras...) and food. Nights will be spent in the park’s renowned designated camping areas.

All scientific and journalistic activities during the trip will take place entirely in English. Meetings and interviews, talks with the park guards (forest rangers), investigations and the lectures that the young people will deliver to other park visitors at the end of their stay will be in English. The mandatory safety talk given by the rangers prior to any hiking trips will be in English. The trip will include many other fun and relaxing activities, which can be held in English or French. The campers will fill out a logbook which is available online. The sections of the logbook which are to be read by parents will be completed in French while all of the journalistic and scientific reports will be written in English.

Joining Us

Part of the team will meet the campers at the Jackson Hole Airport in the United States (IATA airport code: JAC). Minors can be accompanied by a science educator at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (IATA airport code: CDG). Younger campers also have the option of using major airlines’ accompaniment services from any major city in the world (Paris, Rome, Geneva, Tokyo, Montreal...).

If you live in Europe, we recommend you fly from Paris, Geneva, or better still, London. For all other parts of the world, it is best to fly with an American airline. In any case, please contact us so that we may advise you of the best flight route.

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The team

Emilie Delpech heads the MINEO research program, which includes the Yellowstone trip. As a naturalist and scientist, she tries to understand the world around her. She looks, listens, tastes, smells, touches, imagines. She’s blown away by the complexity of life, the organization of matter, and the immensity of mountains. Her love of geology is why she’s so great at spreading that passion to the people around her.

She decided to become an Objectif Sciences International educator to fill the camp participants with wonder, spark their curiosity, and teach young and old in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Her natural curiosity and upbeat attitude are contagious and energize campers.

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Here is the 2017 Logbook, which was really well done!

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