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Leadership - UN - 5 Days - Geneva ForumLevel 2

Learn about life and teamwork within the UN, the highest organization on Earth, during a flexible personal development camp. Further Details Level 2

Leadership - UN - 5 Days - Geneva ForumLevel 2

Learn about life and teamwork within the UN, the highest organization on Earth, during a flexible personal development camp. Further Details Level 2

Meetings of Excellence
Personal Development and Leadership
Help your kids join the new generation of ecological leaders

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Discover Objectif Sciences International’s work methods and learn how projects are created, organized, and presented within project advancement platforms.

“Excellence” camps are excellent opportunities to meet new people and discover new things, but are first and foremost leadership training and personal development internships.

The stay

Those who attended the Participants’ General Assembly (level-1 Excellence camp), if able and willing, are encouraged to attend the GENEVA FORUM, held every year by the OSI at the UN (United Nations) offices in Geneva.

“Meetings of Excellence” is a high-level camp that provides participants with the best of all the skills mastered by OSI’s directors for the lowest possible cost. Registrants only need to pay for registration, presenters’ fees, and lodging. All planning expenses are completely and voluntarily paid for by team members.

Only those who attended the Participants’ General Assembly can register for the GENEVA FORUM. The Participants’ GA is where they will prepare their FORUM contributions and undergo essential training so the FORUM can run smoothly.

Participants who want to attend the GENEVA FORUM can:

  • Organize their trip by themselves;
  • Come with teachers;
  • Organize a delegation with other participants.

You can start organizing your trip at the Participants’ GA, but you can also start before or after the meeting.

Whether they attend alone or as a group, participants who want to attend the GENEVA FORUM must register for the “Meetings of Excellence” camp that will take place during the GENEVA FORUM. An incredible week-long experience at the UN awaits those who go on this highly educational trip. Fees are based on the actual costs generated by the participant. For only a fraction of the actual cost of this camp, you’ll discover a launchpad for your other projects, your career, and most of all, your involvement in the future of planet Earth. You’ll pay for lodging, food, and activities, while the NGO and its active members will cover the camp’s other costs (organization, management, safety, logistics, administration, etc.).

It’s truly a launchpad. You’ll meet and rub shoulders with actors in sustainable development and decision-makers—right in the heart of the action.

The camp will be multilingual (the participant’s language + French and English). The GENEVA FORUM is always held in French and English, and sometimes in the UN’s other official languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic.

The GENEVA FORUM is the annual meeting of active constituent members of the NGO Objectif Sciences International. It’s also an economic forum (like the World Economic Forum in Davos), an ecological forum (like the Earth Summit), and a social forum (like the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre). But there are four differences:

Did a topic or issue strike a particular chord during an OSI Science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. Solidarity Solidarity Go on a solidarity vacation? Help to broaden our current understanding of the oceans?
It’s all possible with our nature courses whales and dolphins.
camp? Do you want to protect wildlife, help maintain nomadic lifestyles, improve the status of women, support girls’ involvement in the sciences, or fight disease? Then come to the OSI’s GENEVA FORUM.


Nota bene: This program was made public to be disseminated. If you’re a member of another organization and want to use the program below to plan your meetings, please credit Objectif Sciences International as the source.

Here’s the schedule for the 2016 level-2 Meetings of Excellence to serve as an example:


  • 8:30 AM–9:00 AM: Arrival at the UN offices and distribution of access badges for the week (which can be kept afterwards)
  • 9:00 AM–10:00 AM: On-site visit of the UN led by the OSI team to point out the UN’s major locations and help you find your bearings; group and individual photos in front of/in the Human Rights Room
  • 10:00 AM–12:00 PM: Public speaking training and practicing presentations on the theme chosen during the level-1 camp
  • 12:00 PM–1:30 PM: Meal/coffee break at the UN cafeteria


  • 8:30 AM–10:00 AM: Tour of Geneva = Palais Wilson + Jet d’Eau
  • 10:00 AM–12:30 PM: Tour of the ICRC
  • 12:30 PM–1:30 PM: Meal at the ICRC’s self-service restaurant
  • 2:00 PM–6:00 PM: Participation in major international conferences
  • Evening: Nighttime tour of Geneva’s Old Town; hot chestnuts


  • 8:30 AM–12:00 PM: Participation in major international conferences
  • 12:30 PM–1:30 PM: Meal/coffee break at the UN cafeteria
  • 2:00 PM–6:00 PM: Participation in large international conferences
  • Evening: Nighttime tour of Geneva’s Old Town; hot chestnuts



  • 9:00 AM–12:00 PM: Tour of the UN
  • 12:00 PM–1:00 PM: Meal/coffee break at the UN cafeteria
  • 1:00 PM–4:00 PM: Tour of CERN; executive round table and final recommendations about the camp; activities and leisure time
  • Evening: Nighttime tour of Geneva’s Old Town; hot chestnuts


  • Participants can choose how many nights they will stay in accommodations.
  • Those without accommodations will be welcomed the morning before activities begin.

Participants who need lodging will stay at a youth hostel in Geneva with the coordinators.
At the end of each day, the group will meet at rendezvous points, then go to their lodgings together and spend the night.

Each day reserved also includes the previous or same day’s night (e.g.: a Monday reservation includes Sunday night or Monday night). A night’s stay at a hostel also includes breakfast the next day.

Evening meals can be eaten at restaurants or prepared in shared kitchen areas. On Thursday evening, participants can attend the Geneva Forum’s festive meal.

Goals of the Project

During this camp, you’ll observe the project development process at the UN, meet professionals from various fields (scientific and NGO representatives, etc.), and create a network for your future projects.

The ideas and projects you’ll hear about could help you find a new work project or a field of study you might not have considered before. The people you’ll meet could change your view of the world around you.

  • Do you have a project? You can bring your ideas and take advantage of the presence of professionals to further your project and bring it to life.
  • Don’t have any projects? The meetings and presentations could give you new ideas or revive your old, forgotten projects.

This experience at the UN is just the beginning of your adventure…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Do we need to have experience as a representative to come?
Participants are trained to speak in front of an audience of international experts and participate during presentations and conferences. They will be accompanied during debates, and they will be asked to give their opinions. The objective is to observe the inner workings of the UN and actively participate in project development.

Excellence Camps

“Excellence” camps are dedicated to setting up projects that balance science and practice. Some participants (after going to one camp) can help select, create, and set up a project within Objectif Sciences International.

These camps provide participants with a learning environment in which they will acquire project development methods and skills. These experiences are professionally and personally rewarding.

Participants can proceed to the higher level by participating in each of the camp’s modules. These camps have something for everyone at each level.


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